我們的PLM創辦人Bea Koo在香港出世,她的成長過程中曾於5個不同國家生活和讀書。她明白到用簡單易學的方法學習新語言和發音,在現今社會對此有急切的需求。於是,她決定用自己學習6種語言的經驗和方法,創造一套新教學讓任何小朋友都可用上的簡單步驟學習閱讀和寫作。

Bea 對語言發展的熱誠造就了PLM教學。Miss Koo 的18年教育路上,她從不同的權威性機構得到多個專業證書、執照和資格。她從哈佛大學,Dr Thomas Kane獲取TESOL,TBE和TEFL資格,令她有機會周遊列國,向超過20,000名學生教授英語拼音。教導拼音幾年後,她意識教導非牟利組織的小朋友更需要她的幫助,如香港基督教會,紅十字會地震康復會及有需要兒童贊助計劃。她至今依然繼續捐出Phonics Land部分收入到不同慈善機構。

Bea : 由過去至今的14年間,PhonicsLand並沒有強行擴展中心的規模或服務的範圍。事實上,在本校成立的首5年,我甚至沒有想過聘請及培訓其他導師。直至我們發現PLM Method對學生的學習屢見成效,我才開始聘請導師。PhonicsLand發展雖然緩慢,但發展的每一步均能確保優良的教學質素。

Bea : 由過去至今的14年間,Phonics Land並沒有強行擴展中心的規模或服務的範圍。事實上,在本校成立的首5年,我甚至沒有想過聘請及培訓其他導師。直至我們發現PLM Method對學生的學習屢見成效,我才開始聘請導師。Phonics Land發展雖然緩慢,但發展的每一步均能確保優良的教學質素。時至今天,本校已擁有一支謙虛,並且對教學投入的教育團隊。再者,本校的發展主要源自家長的對本校的良好口碑,我們為此感到自豪。

"多年來我很享受教導過數千名學生,每一年我覺得自己也從他們身上學習良多,就如他們從老師身上學習一樣。多得我們的專業一等一老師,他們全程投入教導和幫助學生,才能令Phonics Land的發展和成績有如此質素,而且遠遠超出的我們的預期。"

Over the past 18 years of teaching, I’ve had the great privilege to teach thousands of children and with each year, I feel like I learn as much from them as they are learning from us teachers. The development of Phonics Land and results of “this quality” cannot be accomplished without first-class teachers, a professional group of wholly-committed teachers going all out to help students. Only with their enthusiasm and dedication could Phonics Land become what it is today. I will continue to expect our students to keep pace with the easy-to-learn, yet highly effective curriculum using the PLM methodology.

To this day, we are exceedingly proud that our growth has predominantly been through word-of-mouth. We are a humble yet devoted team.

We would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to our fellow teachers. With their support and dedication, PhonicsLand Learning centre and the PLM methodology have flourished and evolved into something much greater than I had initially planned. Our mission is to support, facilitate and help children learn by providing a high quality curriculum so that they can all achieve academic success!

I am truly thankful to those who have helped us realize our vision for education. We look forward to reaching many more milestones with each and every one of you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need to know more about the PLM method and what it can do for your children or your school. My door is always open’’ — Belinda Wong (founder of the PLM)

Phonics Land