Baby Phonics

The Phonetics Road To Literacy

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Language Is Not Only A Tool For Communication But Must Also Be A Pleasure In Its Own Right. Phonicsland develops a love of language with its structured, play-based approach to learning. It Is Essential That Children Not Only Develop The Skills To Read But That They Become Motivated Readers. Phonicsland creates positive attitudes right from the start. Our program enhances children’s perceptual ability. This leads to early achievement and enthusiasm for reading. If Children Have Difficulties With Spelling Or Handwriting, It Could Hinder Their Creative And Communication Abilities. Phonicsland offers a positive, motivating approach to handwriting and spelling which provides children, at a very early age, with tools with which to express themselves in writing.


本中心為1.5 – 7歲的小朋友提供速成英語拼音課程。你的孩子不喜歡閱讀嗎?放心!我們會令你小朋友愛上閱讀。短短數個課堂後,你會驚訝地發現小孩能掌握拼音。繼續多上幾課後,小孩便能閱讀句子,他們會向你閱讀最愛的小故事!

First founded in 2004, the PLM method have grown to become one of the foremost phonics providers in Hong Kong. Many unsolicited testimonials from parents and students attest to results and effectiveness — Phonics Land’s students consistently achieve excellent scores at school, ranking among the top 10% in their classes.


Instant results combined with predictable progress in young learners aged 1.5 to 11 have allowed Phonics Land to be around for more than 14 years. Throughout these years, we have explored the uniqueness in the learning ability of all our children, hoping to bring about methods that would recognize a range of learning styles. To our satisfaction, our own Phonics Land Method (PLM) was created.





On recognizing different learning abilities in our children, we strongly believe the key to reading or any form of learning is to break down complex concepts into smaller chunks and deliver them in a “language” children can relate to. These small steps will lead every child to get the same results, despite different learning styles.

The success of PLM is due to the personal energy and interest of the founder to ever improve the PLM method and to keep pedagogical methods holistic, stimulating, challenging and up to date. Bea, being quality-driven herself, holds regular teacher workshops to improve existing curriculum. These are conducted regularly for the sharing of ideas and discussion of teaching methodologies to ensure students are exposed to a variety of approaches. As a renowned methodology, PLM is based on the idea of “if you can read a word, you can most definitely spell it!”

Our students at Phonics Land are taught to use simple yet effective strategies to facilitate learning. With PLM focusing on capturing students’ interest, maintaining their curiosity and creating step-by-step approaches towards learning reading and spelling, we ensure continuous progress of all our students. PLM is a combination of the methods and tricks derived from experienced teachers whose focus has always been on guiding students to find answers on their own. The goal of teachers at Phonics Land is to guide students to learn through Play, Learn & Master (PLM), which we would like to pass on to as many children as possible.

“As teachers, we are very careful not to teach our children that there is only one way to get to the right answer. Ultimately, we want our children to become the “teacher” so they can reteach what they have learned. Our students love teaching their mommies and daddies what they have learned at Phonics Land, allowing the parents to monitor their continuous progress with ease. To make sure our children do not rely on memorization of sight words, we like to confuse them with psuedo words to check their understanding of concepts when taken out of context. It is a method regularly used by all our teachers to check the depth of understanding of any concept taught, making the approach highly result-oriented.” — the PLM teachers