Reading Comprehension Program (Ages 5 +)

One of our goals is to provide valuable educational opportunities for our children to develop and grow as independent readers. The more children read, the better they become as readers. Successful reading motivates children to read more often and for enjoyment. This helps to nurture a lifelong love of reading. Phonics Land offers a comprehensive curriculum for reading, using basic phonics rules and a whole – language approach to reading.

There are six pre-reading skills for our children to build upon to become confident readers.

  • Vocabulary – research shows that children who have a large vocabulary are better readers. Knowing many words help children to recognize written words and understand what they read. Vocabulary is learned from books more than from normal conversation with adults, children or from television.
  • Print Motivation – children who enjoy books will want to learn how to read.
  • Print Awareness – being familiar with printed language helps children to feel comfortable with books and understand that print is useful.
  • Narrative Skills – being able to tell or retell a story helps children to understand what they read.
  • Phonological Awareness – being able to hear the sounds that make up words helps in sounding out when reading.
  • Letter Knowledge – recognizing the names and sounds of letters helps children figure out how to sound out words.

Based upon our children’s needs, we have prepared our story books according to different levels. Each level focuses on specific phonic skills and phonemes already learnt. Books will be given to your child in a specific progressive order, so your child can gradually build up his or her reading skills.

  • First Steps to Reading
  • Short Vowels + Digraphs
  • Long Vowels, Sight Words
  • Silent Letter + Soft Sounds
  • Advanced Short Stories

Have your child read independently. This is the ultimate goal. Your child should read independently to him or herself, or to other family members and friends.

Enrichment activities: The enrichment activities of each book help extend your child’s reading and comprehension. They include questions about the story, new vocabulary, sequencing of story events and further practice in reading. Your child’s successful completion of the activities will demonstrate his or her comprehension and ability to apply new phonics skills and vocabulary.