Under 3s Phonics Playgroup

It’s never too early to start!

Our Phonics based playgroup (for ages 3 and under) aims to make your child’s first learning experience exciting and memorable. Our students will be introduced all 26 letter names and sounds in fun ways through stories, arts & crafts, games, and worksheets.

Before your child is taught how to PROPERLY hold a pencil with our special “tools”while sitting with the correct posture, we make sure that they have a lot of fun with activities designed to train up their visual and eye hand coordination as well as their gross and soft motor skills. Handwriting seems to be fairly easy, but once a poor sitting posture and improper grip become habits, it is very hard to correct them. Handwriting skills must be developed but should be trained step by step, in the correct ways.

Our dedicated PLM teachers put a lot of emphasis on building phonics awareness, as opposed to the traditional syllabus of other English playgroups. Our teachers work on children’s pronunciation, sounds and intonations with the use of our own improvised chants, rhymes and songs. Children will learn a vast bank of vocabulary related to the letter names and sounds.

The strong foundations built within our Phonics playgroups allow a quick and easy transition for your children, to the next level of letter writing, blending and reading!