Grammar and Tenses Programme

Our courses are designed to help students strengthen and develop the core English skills required to succeed at the elementary level. Students will be given the challenge of mastering another English skill that is often overlooked at school: GRAMMAR. The learning and practicing of the core grammar rules are vital for a student’s success on their writing. This course is good for training specific grammar and essay components and students will gain the grammar skills needed to build up a strong foundation base for their writing assignments

Our courses will feature a mixture of activities, worksheets and texts from leading textbooks and educational publishers that help students develop their grammar knowledge on top of building up their vocabulary, reading, oral and comprehension skills. This course also features a variety of writing activities and guidance on fundamental grammar, as well as plenty of verbal interaction during class time.

Regular Practice
We believe that with practice, students will be able to remember grammar rules better. In every class, after learning about different grammar rules, students will be able to practice and apply the grammar rules in our writing activities