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 Course Descriptions

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Story Telling & Making

(school interview prep course) Age: 6+

Creative Writing

Age: Age : 5+/ Level 5 +

Chat Room

(School Interview preparation course)

Can you really talk?

(School Interview preparation course) Age: 4yr-5yr

Book Club

Age: 4yrs-6yrs/level 3+

Be A News Reporter!

(School Interview preparation course) Age: 6+ / Level 6 +)

Sound Smart

Age: 5+/ Level 6+

A DIY Course

Age: 4yrs-6yrs

Phonics Course Schedule

summer courses phonics timetable

 Phonics Course Descriptions

“The – most- structured”-Literacy – Program!”

“The- Most- Effective Phonics- Program!”


The infamous Phonics Land methodology (Curriculum) provides children with an utmost systematic and motivating framework for developing full literacy.


Our curriculum and materials are well-designed and proven to be highly effective.


At Phonics Land, your child’s progress is our pride.