Teacher Chloe

Hello, I am Teacher Chloe.

Nice to meet you! I have been teaching English to kids age 4 – 14 since I’ve graduated from university. During the course of my teaching, I’ve come to realized that kids learn best when they are in a fun, stimulating, and interactive environment. I strongly believe that it is vital for kids to enjoy as much as they can when they’re learning, and as a teacher, that’s the kind of environment I hope to create.
During my free time, I love to cook, read and travel to different places around the world.

Teacher Amy Leung

Hello, I’m teacher Amy! Ever since I was a kid I’ve enjoyed exploring the English language and have been active in a variety of English productions and competitions. Along with over 10-year experience in English solo verse speaking, dramatic duologue & musical as both performer and trainer, I have also pursued my bachelor degree in English Language & Literature.
You can never learn too much. In this long learning journey, it’s always better for one to have guidance and support, especially in the early stage. I was fortunate to have mine, and now instead of a taker, I’d like to be a giver in return. I truly believe that you can only make kids learn by heart when they are enjoying it, and that’s why I always try to keep the young learners encouraged and motivated for their adventures in the unknown English world.

Teacher Debbie

Hello, I am teacher Debbie.
Being raised in the UK has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of people from different cultures and backgrounds. I’ve always enjoyed working with children and seeing their improvements is the biggest reward for me. I believe it is important for students to feel motivated and to enjoy the learning process, as we all learn at our best when we are having fun! In my spare time, I also like to have fun with home baking, arts and crafts and travelling. There’s always something exciting to learn and explore!

Teacher Hannah Cheung

Hello everyone, I’m Teacher Hannah Cheung. I am back in Hong Kong to pursue my passion for teaching after obtaining my degree in the UK. When I was a child, my teachers first sparked the love of reading in me. They taught me that learning was a fun experience, through their contagious enthusiasm for reading in the classroom. I would love to reflect and inspire the same passion back to students! In my down time, I enjoy bouldering, reading and playing guitar.

Teacher Hannah

Hello, I am Teacher Hannah. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education and moved to Hong Kong to continue my profession in teaching in 2013. I have had many happy experiences while teaching playgroup, reading, and writing classes. I believe that learners should feel challenged in their learning yet be taught in a fun and exciting way.
Teaching is my passion. I believe students should be given a strong foundation with learning that would inevitably shape them to become lifelong learners. As an individual I enjoy discovering new things through traveling to different countries and reading books.

Teacher Kay

My name is Kay. I grew up and studied in the UK where I obtained my degree.
I believe children learn best through fun activities that allow them to develop their creativity.
The teacher’s role is to nurture their curiosity about the world around them and a love of learning.
I am a nature-lover and in my spare time, I like to hike, swim and cook. I love reading, languages, music and handicrafts.

Teacher Keimberly

Hello, I am Teacher Keimberly. Teaching a wide range of kids, particularly on writing, reading comprehension and grammar, during my studies has piqued my interest in earning my degree in English at university.
From my experience, a child’s learning experience is heightened when visual aspects are brought into teaching which is why I love to think of new and quirky ways to make my classes more enjoyable. When I’m out and about, I love to go hiking, going to the beach and read mystery novels

Teacher Khadija

A Hongkonger graduating in Australia, I was trained in language education and child development through the art of teaching, specifically music.

I feel that children connect instantly and naturally with music. This provides for a rich learning experience in their language development, specially phonetics. Always full of fun!

Fun is the key to stimulating little minds and have them be very productive from their creativity. Children inspire me to be a better facilitator & mentor.

Teacher Laura

Hello, I am teacher Laura.
It’s nice to meet you! I am a Native English speaker from the UK. As a child, I have loved learning English as I had a teacher who inspired me with energy that made learning fun and engaging. It enabled me to develop a desire to learn the language well and aspire to inject that kind of enthusiasm into my own work. Having taught for several years, I have come to believe that it is vital that a teacher helps pique an interest in learning, particularly leading children’s curiosity towards English as early as possible. I look forward to taking part and help kick-start them in the process. Furthermore, along with having a creative background, I endeavour to keep things as fun as possible using the PLM method!

Teacher Mag

Hello, I am Teacher Mag. I obtained my degree in Education in the U.K. and taught English at a Secondary School in HK before migrating to Toronto, Canada.

I love kids and enjoy sharing my passion and skills in reading, writing, debating, and public speaking with them.

I am an inquisitive person and have collected a plethora of qualifications including breathwork facilitating, baby massage, and dream interpretation. I am also learning to paint in watercolor.

Teacher Melody

Hello, I am teacher Melody.
I am from Canada. I have a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, a diploma in Early Childhood Education. I believe that children are most comfortable and eager to learn when they are in a fun, positive and supportive environment. I hope to be a teacher that can support them through hurdles and celebrate their achievements no matter how small. I also like to read, draw and hike in my free time.

Teacher Nikki

Hello, I am teacher Nikki.
I am from the UK. I am a qualified Health and Social care worker and worked at a nursery in the UK. I moved back to Hong Kong to learn more about the culture and I really enjoy the lifestyle here. I decided to become a teacher as I love learning, whether it is from a teacher or a student — I believe learning is the greatest gift you can receive.

Teacher Rosalind

Hello, I am Teacher Rosalind.
I was raised in Vancouver, BC. Coming from a family of educators, I had always been
interested in becoming a teacher. It is such a great honor and privilege to be able to take students under my wing and pass on knowledge to them.
My role as a teacher is to put the necessary resources in the hands of students. I believe that I am a facilitator, not a provider of information. Which is why I consider the PLM method to be one the most effective way to learn English.

Teacher Rose

HELLO ! I am Teacher Rose. I was schooled and taught English in Australia for 9 years. I have a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and a master’s degree in Education. I am a qualified teacher in Australia who has worked with children aged from 5-16.
Teaching is my passion and I endeavour to make a difference in the younger generation. I would love to help children quench their curiosities and facilitate them in developing knowledge they will need in later life. In my leisure time, I like doing exercise, baking and watching movies(popcorn time!).

Teacher Sarah

Hello, I am Teacher Sarah.
Lovely to meet you! I have been teaching for many years. I love interacting with children and teaching them in an entertaining setting. During my free time, I love watching movies on Netflix. I’m also an adventurous traveler as I like to explore the world.

Teacher Serena

Hello, I am Teacher Serena!
Raised in Vancouver, studied IB diploma in Shanghai, and obtained an undergraduate psychology degree in the UK; I am now back in Hong Kong to pursue my passion and reconnect with my roots!
Knowing that children is the key to our future, I believe education is the process to construct the key. As a teacher, I look forward to develop my students’ to reach their full potential in learning English; seeing their success motivates and strengthens my passion in teaching.
In my spare time, I love to volunteer, travel, bake, and read literature books.

Teacher Summer

Hi everyone! I’m Teacher Summer. I hope I am your favourite season of the year!
I have been teaching English and drama for 5 years and I love every single part of it!
Back in the days as an active kid, I had won many speech and singing contests and also won many times at public speaking competitions. I’m super energetic and cheerful and I always encourage my students to be outspoken and outgoing. I believe teachers are the sharpeners of all the colourful little pencils. It’s our responsibility to bring out their best and discover their greatest potentials.
Besides English and Drama, I love exploring the world and learning about new cultures and languages. I have visited 36 countries so far and have experienced many amazing cultures that I would love to share with you in the classrooms.
I have come to know a lot of people with very different backgrounds cultures and mind-sets. This helps me understand the diversity of one’s learning behaviour and I can put my experiences into my teaching.
Besides English, I speak fluent Mandarin, Cantonese, intermediate Spanish and Italian, some German, Turkish and a bit French!!

Teacher Tracy

Hi, I’m Tracy! I was raised in Vancouver, Canada, and after obtaining my bachelor’s degree I moved to Hong Kong to pursue my passion, which is teaching!!!
I feel a sense of joy when I help children achieve their maximum academic potential by focusing on their different aptitudes and skills as well as tailoring their learning experience based on their academic levels and developmental needs.
I’ve taught and organized all sorts of playgroups for children from pre-nursery to kindergarten in subjects including English, Mathematics, Arts and Crafts, and Physical Education. I strongly believe that the best way to enhance and nurture a child’s learning experience is through positive reinforcement, motivating them so that they feel special and unique, and making each class engaging and interesting – and most importantly, fun!
I love kids – they are brilliant, full of boundless energy and each one a unique gem ready to learn with the right guidance. I love working with children and I love my job!

Teacher Yunnie

Hello, I am Teacher Yunnie.
I was born and raised Sweden followed by a bachelor’s degree at PolyU. Growing up with a multicultural background, I’ve learned how to master the art of learning a new language.
Having designed a range of lesson plans previously, I found that students are most receptive when their curiosity are triggered by something they are passionate about. For this reason, I tailor-make mine to bring forth each student’s forte and to inspire them to broaden their abilities.