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Terms and conditions


The following are terms and conditions set forth by Phonics Land Learning Centre Limited:


Fees and Payment

  • All students will be making monthly payments.
  • Tuition fees are due to be paid on or before the 7th of the month. Failure to pay within the payment period will incur an administrative cost of $200.
  • For new students, lessons fees are must be settled within 3 days after confirmation of the enrollment or the spot may be released without notice.
  • Paid fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.Absence and Make-up/Catch-up Class and Holiday Break
  • Sick Leave: Please notify us at least 1 hour in advance and with a doctor’s note to besent to us via WhatsApp or Email. Once a doctor’s note has been sent in, you can schedule a make up class to be attended within the term. There is no limit as to how many sick leaves a student can take within a term. All sick leaves without a doctor’s note will be counted as a casual leave.
  • Casual Leave: Please notify us at least 1 hour in advance if your child cannot attend a scheduled class, otherwise it will be counted as a No Show.
    Students in group classes: entitled to 1 casual leave per month. Make-up classes are to be scheduled and attended within the same month. If a student applies for “Causal Leave” more than once, the student would pay an additional HKD$200 for each 1-on-1 make-up class.

Students in private classes: No limited for casual leave. If a student applies for “Causal leave” and cannot attend a make-up lesson, the student may receive a refund for a maximum of 1 class each month. However, if a student is away for more than 1 class, please be sure to make-up the missed classes during the same month. We will not refund more than 1 missed lesson.

  • No Show: No make-up classes are offered for “no show” instance. The scheduled class will automatically be forfeited without notice.
  • Make-up/Catch-up classes are non-transferable, non-refundable and forfeited once a child withdraws.
  • Make-up/Catch-up classes can be rescheduled once if notified at least 1 hour prior to class. If a child does not show up for the scheduled make-up class, the class is forfeited.
  • Catch-up classes are available only if the teacher sees a need to it.
  • If a teacher is absent, the centre will arrange a substitute teacher without notice. In the case where no substitute teacher is arranged, the class will be cancelled and credit willbe refunded.
  • Holiday Break :Parents can apply 1 month in advance for a ‘holiday break’ in whichfees will be suspended for a maximum of 4 consecutive weeks. We allow 3 holiday breaks per calendar year.
    When a group student returns after a holiday break, the student should pay for and attend 1-on-1 catch up classes in order to return to the same class. The number of classes will be decided by the teacher responsible for that group class.If a student fails to attend catch up classes required; the student may be asked to join other groups.Payment method
  • By cash.
  • By cheques – Please make crossed cheque payable to “Phonics Land LearningCentre Limited”. Please write your mobile number and student’s full name at the backof your cheques.
  • By-Autopay (only for 1 lesson/week)Students may apply for Autopay, starting from the 2nd month of enrolment.Autopay payment will be processed on the first day of the monthGovernment announced closures based on weather, medical and health reasons
  • The centre will be operating as usual when Amber and Red rainstorm signal or typhoon signal number 1 or 3 is hoisted. It is at the discretion of the parents/care-givers as to whether it is deemed safe for child to travel to and from the centre.
  • Classes will be cancelled from the moment when
    (i) the Hong Kong Observatory makes an announcement as to the estimated time when Typhoon Warning Signal No.8 will be in force or
    (ii) Typhoon Warning Signal No.8 or Black Rainstorm warning is in force. Parents can find out if the centre is closed by calling the center’s general line.
  • Bad Weather: Classes will automatically be cancelled. We regret that NO rescheduling nor make-up of the class or refund of fees if Typhoon Signal No.8 (or above), or Black Rainstorm warning is in force.
  • If the Typhoon Warning Signal No.8 or Black Rainstorm warning is lifted any time before 12pm, class will be resumed approximately 2 hours afterwards. Classes will be cancelled for the entire day if the signal is lifted after 12pm.

Public holiday

  • Our centre is closed on all public holidays.


  • No photos, video or other kind of recordings may be taken on our premises without the written permission of Phonics Land Learning Centre.
  • Please note that due to hygiene and safety, both adults and child must wear socks within the premises.
  • Phonics Land Learning Centre reserves the right to change teachers before or during any programmer.


  • All materials used in class or given as homework may not be copied, reproduced or distributed without the written consent of Phonics Land Learning Centre.
  • Approaching the staff of Phonics Land Learning Centre for tutorials/lessons outside of our centre is strictly prohibited.


  • All participants enrolled and/or registered in programmers/activities at Phonics Land Learning Centre do so at their own risk. Phonics Land Learning Centre including its officers, employees and/or agents, are not responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to participants, their family members, caregivers, and guests as a result of participating in these activities.
  • These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior written notice from Phonics Land Learning Centre. It is a parent’s responsibility to read the updated Terms & Conditions of Phonics Land Learning Centre.
  • We retain the right of final decisions and interpretation in all matters and disputes in relation to this registration. We shall not be responsible or liable for any claims or liability resulting from any customer’s registration for any classes, events and/or workshops howsoever suffered or incurred.

Reference Letter or Certificate for students

  • There will be an administration charge of $100 for each reference letter or certificate
  • $100 for any extra copies of reference letters or certificates parents may need for any reasons.

Personal Hygiene

  • Parents/caregivers/Children must wear socks at all times within the premises.
  • Socks can be purchased at the centre for $20 HKD per pair.

Photos & other media

  • Phonics Land reserves the right to take and use photos, videos and/or sound or any media recordings of children/parents/caregivers and their work, performances or classes, for, but not limited to, the purposes of teacher training, curriculum and/or promotional marketing purposes.
  • Phonics Land reserves the right to make the final decision in the event of any dispute.
  • After written consent, parents may take photographs, videos and recordings but only focusing on their own children and not on the other children in the class. Any media used or interrupt the class format and may not be used for commercial or financial gain.

Personal Data

  • We will use your personal data (including name, telephone number, fax number, email and mailing addresses) for the purpose of providing you with information about any events, programs, news and opinion surveys organized by us.
  • The personal data being collected via the present means, other than being utilized as the purposes above mentioned, will not be sold, traded, or rented in any forms through any means to any other parties.
  • Please inform Phonics Land Learning Centre of any changes of personal information.

Consent and acceptance from Parent/caregiver

By enrolling into Phonics Land programs, the applicant acknowledges and agrees to the Terms and Conditions set out by the company. Phonics Land reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Phonics Land reserves the final decision in the event of any dispute.


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