Our Teachers

Teacher Amy Leung

Hello, I’m teacher Amy! Ever since I was a kid I’ve enjoyed exploring the English language and have been active in a variety of English productions and competitions. Along with over 10-year experience in English solo verse speaking, dramatic duologue & musical as both performer and trainer, I have also pursued my bachelor degree in English Language & Literature.
You can never learn too much. In this long learning journey, it’s always better for one to have guidance and support, especially in the early stage. I was fortunate to have mine, and now instead of a taker, I’d like to be a giver in return. I truly believe that you can only make kids learn by heart when they are enjoying it, and that’s why I always try to keep the young learners encouraged and motivated for their adventures in the unknown English world.

Teacher Anny

Hello, I’m Teacher Anny.
I have always had the passion to teach. I believe that everyone is unique and seeking to understand them is a great experience.
As an enthusiastic teacher, I am dedicated to assist young minds to grow and achieve success. I see my role as a pillar of support for them at this crucial time to achieve their very best.
I look forward to working with your child.

Teacher Ben

Hello, I am Teacher Ben.
I am originally from USA and have been teaching English in Hong Kong for 14 years.
I believe that learning is a journey that should be fun, rewarding and full of memeorable experiences and achievements. I try to instill in my students a strong sense of confidence in themselves so that they realize they can achieve any goal.
Personally, I love being outdoors, cooking, traveling to exotic places, and photography. I also have a keen interest in science and history.

Teacher Charlotte


Hello, everyone! I am teacher Charlotte.

I have always loved being around young children and always loved to make them laugh. I believe that children are our future, therefore my life goal is to strengthen and nurture the next generation through teaching.

I’ve always known that teaching was my passion. I have seen both good and bad examples of teachers, but both inspired me to chase after my dream. I strive to create an exciting and rewarding learning environment where your children can build confidence and achieve their goals using the PLM method.

Teacher Chloe

Hello, I am Teacher Chloe.


Nice to meet you! I have been teaching English to kids age 4 – 14 since I’ve graduated from university. During the course of my teaching, I’ve come to realized that kids learn best when they are in a fun, stimulating, and interactive environment. I strongly believe that it is vital for kids to enjoy as much as they can when they’re learning, and as a teacher, that’s the kind of environment I hope to create.
During my free time, I love to cook, read and travel to different places around the world.

Teacher Christina

Hi I’m Teacher Christina. I graduated from the University of Canberra and have been teaching in Hong Kong and China since 2004.
I believe students are able to learn better in a happy, fun and positive environment. That is why I always make my teaching fun. Positive interactions between students and teachers is vital. Trust, is then built.
I love to see my students grow both in their academic performance and in their lives. It is the best reward for an educator.

Teacher Hannah

Hello, I am Teacher Hannah.


I have a degree in Early Childhood Education and moved to Hong Kong to continue my profession in teaching in 2013. I have had many happy experiences while teaching playgroup, reading, and writing classes. I believe that learners should feel challenged in their learning yet be taught in a fun and exciting way.
Teaching is my passion. I believe students should be given a strong foundation with learning that would inevitably shape them to become lifelong learners. As an individual I enjoy discovering new things through traveling to different countries and reading books.

Teacher Jay


Hello I’m Teacher Jay!

I am always passionate about education. I hold a Bachelor degree of Education and a Master’s degree in Comparative Education from the University College of London.

I have taught students from different ages and backgrounds, from Kindergarten to Secondary school; from local students, SEN students to ethnic minority students. To empower a student requires agility, attentiveness and patience, so to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and to accompany them finding their own ways to grow and shine.

The learning journey is like an enjoyable adventure to me, and I look forward to going on this lovely adventure with you all:)!

Teacher Joanne


Hello, I am teacher Joanne. 


I grew up in England and have now come full circle by returning to Hong Kong where my parents were originally from. I have taught in Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Oman and the UK and I spent a year in Australia and a couple of months in South America — I love to travel!


I believe that health and well being are a crucial part of early years development, as well as harmony and balance in our daily lives. I’m very interested in childhood psychology and how we learn and communicate as human beings which is for me a fascinating subject. I think we learn best when we are presented with problems or challenges and are guided to overcome them. Children are naturally creative and perceptive. My favourite quote is by the famous Irish poet, WB Yeats, who said that education is not filling a bucket but lighting a fire.

Teacher Justine

Hello, I am teacher Justine!


I’ve been working as an English Teacher since I moved here in Hong Kong. I have a bachelors degree in International Relations major in Diplomacy. I believe that teaching is flexible and adaptive.

Above all, it’s my objective to create a welcoming space for learning. I want to encourage students to confidently think and explore their natural curiosity. I believe that it will set an interactive learning environment between the students and the teachers.
Looking forward to teach and learn with you soon!

Teacher Keimberly

Hello, I am Teacher Keimberly.


Teaching a wide range of kids, particularly on writing, reading comprehension and grammar, during my studies has piqued my interest in earning my degree in English at university.
From my experience, a child’s learning experience is heightened when visual aspects are brought into teaching which is why I love to think of new and quirky ways to make my classes more enjoyable. When I’m out and about, I love to go hiking, going to the beach and read mystery novels

Teacher Laura

Hello, I am teacher Laura.
It’s nice to meet you! I am a Native English speaker from the UK. As a child, I have loved learning English as I had a teacher who inspired me with energy that made learning fun and engaging. It enabled me to develop a desire to learn the language well and aspire to inject that kind of enthusiasm into my own work. Having taught for several years, I have come to believe that it is vital that a teacher helps pique an interest in learning, particularly leading children’s curiosity towards English as early as possible. I look forward to taking part and help kick-start them in the process. Furthermore, along with having a creative background, I endeavour to keep things as fun as possible using the PLM method!

Teacher Louise

Hello, I am Teacher Louise!
I have been an English Teacher since I graduated University and have gained passion in teaching and helping shape kids into their greatest potentials. It also gives me a sense of joy and fulfilment to have the privilege to share knowledge to my students.
From the course of my teaching experience, I make sure my students gain an exciting and enjoyable learning journey with my enthusiastic and motivating approach. I believe children are all uniquely creative and with sufficient encouragement and support, learning the English Language can effortlessly be achievable.
Besides teaching, I consider myself as an outdoor person that has a big heart for travelling and trying new things. I’m looking forward to teaching and learning with you soon!

Teacher Lucy

Hello everyone, I am teacher Lucy! 


Growing up, I have always had a great passion for teaching ever since developing an interest to learn at a young age. I believe that children learn best when they are in a fun and interactive environment and I hope that with my creativity, enthusiasm and motivation, I can create an enjoyable learning experience for students at PLM.

Teacher Mary

Hello everyone, I’m teacher Mary.
I’m a Native English speaker and certified TESOL teacher. I’m an energetic and friendly teacher who was raised and educated in Australia.
I believe children’s learning and development depends greatly on the
teacher whom they interact with. As a teacher seeing student’s improvement and helping them to achieve their goals brings great satisfaction.

Teacher Melody

Hello, I am teacher Melody.
I am from Canada. I have a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, a diploma in Early Childhood Education. I believe that children are most comfortable and eager to learn when they are in a fun, positive and supportive environment. I hope to be a teacher that can support them through hurdles and celebrate their achievements no matter how small. I also like to read, draw and hike in my free time.

Teacher Nicole

Hello, I am Teacher Nicole.

I hold an Honors Degree in Secondary Education majoring in English. I believe in equality. Everyone is entitled to receiving the best possible education regardless of their background, age and color.

I look forward to meeting your children and working with them.

Teacher Opama

Hi there! I am Teacher Opama
I always loved teaching and I feel a sense of contentment from seeing my students grow and develop into wonderful individuals. Over the years, I have taught a lot of children and always made sure to create a warm and enjoyable environment for everyone to learn new things everyday! 

Can’t wait to meet the children and let them experience the PLM method!

Teacher Rosalind

Hello, I am Teacher Rosalind.
I was raised in Vancouver, BC. Coming from a family of educators, I had always been
interested in becoming a teacher. It is such a great honor and privilege to be able to take students under my wing and pass on knowledge to them.
My role as a teacher is to put the necessary resources in the hands of students. I believe that I am a facilitator, not a provider of information. Which is why I consider the PLM method to be one the most effective way to learn English.