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Spelling Bee contest

Spelling Bee Contest

1st Spelling Bee contest hosted with Baby Kingdom – 3rd Mar 2019
The 1st Hong Kong Charity Spelling Bee Contest held by the Baby Kingdom was successfully held on March 3rd (Sunday).
We have 11 students participating in this Contest and 9 of our PLM students have achieved good results in a relaxed state. Congratulations and appreciation for their efforts. 👏👏

2nd Spelling Bee contest by Phonicsland – 20th October 2019


The 2nd Hong Kong Charity Spelling Bee Contest was successfully held on October 20th (Sunday), with over 100 contestants.

ALL our students who have participated in this Contest have come.in the 1st ,2nd and 3rd places!Congratulations to them all. We are very proud of you all. 


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