Other Courses

Reading Comprehension Program (ages 5 +)

Young children love to learn. From the second they are born their brains are like little sponges absorbing information about the world around them and their…

Creative Writing Programme

Our Creative Writing Programme introduces various writing styles so your child would be familiar with them and feel confident in expressing him/herself on paper. Types of writing include: descriptive, fiction, non-fiction, narrative, expository, persuasive, poems, biographies, letters, e-mails, diaries, reports and many more. Our writing classes are very structured so as to guide students to improve their current writing skills while using idioms, metaphors, similies, personification, rhymes, limericks, onomatopoeia etc… onto their writing.


Our writing courses help children to:

  1. Develop their imagination
  2. Express themselves on paper
  3. Learn new writing styles and techniques
  4. Allow their ideas to expand and flourish
  5. Increase their confidence

Cambridge English Young Learners (YLE)

YLE are designed to encourage and challenge children to work and study towards certificates that are recognised by thousands of Hong Kong educational organisations and Schools that record their progress. Examination consists of listening, speaking and reading and writing and split into three levels for the children to work through, 1. Starters 2. Movers 3.Flyers.

Grammar and Tenses programme


Our courses are designed to help students strengthen and develop the core English skills required to succeed at the elementary level. Students will be given the challenge of mastering another English skill that is often overlooked at school: GRAMMAR. The learning and . . .